Some construction changes

We wanted to take some time on  this blog to dedicate to our customers that we gracious enough to be patient with this during our recent construction phase.

There were a lot of complaints from customers who weren’t happy to find out that we were in the middle of a remodeling project that would initially causing discomfort and inconvenience to any guests. But we do this with the intention of making sure that we can provide future guests with a better experience while visiting our hotel.

In doing so we took a lot of constructive criticism from previous guests and project management companies and architects and  consultation companies that gave us insight on how to enhance every customers experience.

We started by making the lobby bigger. A lot of customers complain that the check in process was smooth and efficient during slow periods however when there was a rush a lot of customers are packed into a small lobby. After hearing this for enough we decided to knock down wallshire a drywall company to make our lobby bigger, and we also had enough room to incorporate a vending machine and offer a complementary coffee. Be sure to take advantage on your next visit.

The next thing we did is was insulate the walls so that there would be less sound that would transfer from room to room. No hotels or motels in America is doing this right now, we decided to separate ourselves from everybody else by doing something new. Now guests who visit our hotel will be sure that they’re getting the quietest room, because we put better materials in between the rooms so that sounds will not travel as far.

We also had a company come in and provide a high quality roofing inspection. During that time they determined that we had a family of birds living in nesting on top of our roof. We did the most humane thing in contact with the ASPCA so they could come in to remove the birds. It was the ASPCA the discovered that the  leak in the roof is what attracted the birds in the first place. These little guys were using the wet material from the roof to create a nest, and store their eggs during uncharacteristic spring storms. We got things under control, and the high quality roofing contractor was able to seal up all of the holes, replace all the shingles, and insulate the roof and attic, so that we could provide a better experience for our guests.

And finally we can completely changed the look of the building by changing the paint color of the exterior walls and resurfacing the stucco on the south side of the building. The reason that we chose the south side was because a lot of storm damage had caused the roof to deteriorate and which lead to additional water coming down the backside. The backside of our unit was dirty and had a lot of water stains as a result from the dirt that collected on the roof. This dirt eventually  trickled down the back of the building. So we hired a professional stucco contractor to come in  and they were able to give us a completely new look by revitalizing the exterior surface of the building. If you were a guest before you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that the place looks a lot better now.

Again we thank our guests for staying loyal to us during this process. We listen to anyone and everyone who visits us and submits their feedback. We apologize to anyone who experienced any inconvenience while visiting us.

Please excuse our dust during our hardest effort to make sure that we can give anyone else who visits us for a single night, or for an entire month to have the most relaxing experience while in New Jersey.

One of our favorite guests

Presidential suite

We are back everybody with another post for you guys and in this one we will be talking to you about one of our favorite frequent guests that we have at this hotel. We often times have thousands of different guests come through this hotel every year if they’re either passing through New Jersey or deciding to stay here for vacation.  All of the guests we have are very awesome. There are always very polite to our staff and they treat us with respect as we do them. Out of all the awesome hotel guests though there is one that is really stood out in the past years  that is a very big customer to this day. That person is Mr. Myers, his name is John Myers but he prefers to go as Mr. Myers. Mr. Myers is a person that has been staying at this hotel for very many years now and he chooses this  as his premier stay when he is here to do business in the East Coast. He does business over on the East Coast because he has a tree service company out over in Azusa California that has a branch over in New York. He chooses to stay in New Jersey instead of New York because it is a little bit cheaper to stay here and he loves the level of service that we provide him.

we always love to have Mr. Myers at our hotel because he is a very pleasant guest to have. He is always very polite to our staff and he tips us very generously.  We had one brand-new girl that was his waitress in our in-house restaurant and he tipped her $500 for giving him a great level of service. Now that is something that is truly amazing. Mr. Myers is a person that loves helping people and he gets to do just that by  tipping our staff and what not. He is a guess that has brought a lot of business to our hotel in the past 10 years. He has told all of his friends and family that come to New Jersey to stay here when they are visiting the East Coast. All of those referrals have turned into repeating customers as well. He has kind of gave us a Fanbase that chooses this place as their hotel to accommodate them.

We have so much to think Mr. Myers for because him being such an awesome guest in the past and to this day. Every time he comes to our hotel he always likes to stay in the one and only penthouse presidential suite. That is a room that we did not mention in our last post but it is a very special room that is only reserved  for frequent staying guests. It is something that is kind of hidden and not advertised until you have had a chance to visit the hotel a few times. We want to make sure that this room remains special for our visitors and that we don’t just handed out to the public. If that happened then the exclusiveness of that room would  not be where it’s at and perhaps we would lose some business for that reason. We might get a lot of wolf your customers that want to book that room but can’t so they will take their business elsewhere. That room is usually always booked for Mr. Myers though because he stays here at least  two days out of every week.

once again we have to give a special thanks to John and we hope that you liked the post that we had to share with you today. Take care everybody and return tomorrow for another article that we will be posting.

Advice on how to look for a solid hotel

Hotel room

In this article today we are going to be talking to you about what key things to look for when searching for a good hotel when you are out vacationing.

There are many different things you want to look for in a hotel when you are vacationing because you do not want to choose the wrong one. Often times, a lot of travelers end up choosing very poor hotels that they did not like their stay in. You especially want to stay in a very nice hotel if you are on a long   Vacation out of the country. If you are just passing through a town then something like a motel would be fine,  but it would still be nice to stay in accommodations that are classy. We will have a list below that states the certain attributes she should look for in a good hotel.

There are many different things you want to put into consideration and we are here to give you those exact factors.

The quality of the room-you want to make sure that the quality of the hotel room that you’re staying at is something that is very high. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a very expensive room but you wanted to have a few amenities so that you are not  completely throwing your money away. The amenities that you want your hotel room to have our things like a microwave, refrigerator, a small kitchen and or room service, a TV, and Wi-Fi.  If you were paying more than $100 a night for a hotel room and it does not have those types of things then chances are that you are not getting a very good deal.  You also want to make sure that your room has a nice large shower for you and your guests to use as well as a good-looking bathroom.

The out of room amenities-a good quality hotel always has a small spa  and or a pool. If you get a really good hotel, then it will have things like a sauna and a workout room as well. You can never go wrong with an extra gym available for you to work out in. It is very good to keep up your physical health.  If you get a really good hotel, then it will have things like a sauna and a workout room as well. You can never go wrong with an extra gym available for you to work out in. It is very good to keep up your physical health.   Most hotels have pools and you want to see that it is well-kept and nothing is broken in the pool. If there is anything that is broken, you do not want to swim in it because the water might be contaminated.

we have to give this post some credit to best western for helping us out with some inspiration.

 That is the information we have to share with you today on how to find the right hotel. We hope that you take this advice and put it to good use by finding the perfect hotel room for yourself the next time we go on vacation.


What kinds of rooms we offer

There are many types of different ones that we have here at the Ramada Inn and in this post we would like to share that with you. We will go in detail of each one in the list below.

The master suite-this is our nicest room with two full-size king beds and a customizable full kitchen, with a Jacuzzi in the center of the room.  This is the number one accommodation that we offer at this hotel. This room is a bit pricey you can be looking to pay around $1000-$1500 a night depending on what kind of deal you can get.  With this room you’ll get an array of special features added to your service. This includes all you can eat room service on the house 24 hours a day, 24 hour private massage,  and a private driver to take you wherever you want in the city of New Jersey. These three amenities are something you will not get with any of the other rooms. We do this because we only have three of these rooms and those people deserve special treatment.

The king suite-in this room it offers two king beds again but it has a few less amenities then the master suite. There is still a Jacuzzi bath tub on the balcony and the center of the room, there is no on the house room service though. We still have  24 hour room service but the extra bill will be added at the end of your stay.  We also offer massage as well but at extra cost. This is a beautiful room with an open full range kitchen and stock or fridge or raider where you can put all your  food that you want to bring. We offer a full set of pots and pants as well as cookware so that you can cook whatever dishes you want to as well. We do offer a private chef through room service to make you whatever meals you would like though.

The queen suite-this is a sweet  that sleeps six people and has two queen bed with a pullout couch queen bed. So you get  three full-size beds that you can sleep in. This room does not offer an in room Jacuzzi but has an unlimited pool pass for you to go use the Jacuzzi downstairs. Dishroom offers a beautiful balcony look over of the city of New Jersey as well as 24 hour room service at  A little extra cost. We recommend this room for a lot of people that are passing through because you still get some good amenities like I have size kitchen and two bathrooms and this room is much cheaper than the other two we listed earlier. It is still a great room but if you were just passing through then we recommend it because it is more affordable. We don’t see there any sense in you paying A lot of money if you are not planning to stay for a vacation or something like that.

The new hotel blog

Hello everybody, and this is the new blog about the Ramada Inn in Brunswick New Jersey. We are applying that is dedicated to the hotel.  You can think of this blog as a place where you can find all your information about the Ramada Hotel. We will act as a website guide for the hotel. We already have our own website but we needed a blog as well so we will be sharing posts with you about  what is currently going on at the hotel, what the rooms are like, reviews of our hotel, what to expect when you get here, etc.

The Ramada Inn is really a fascinating hotel because it brings you the history of New Jersey when you stay here.  This hotel has been around for many years now and is a very popular attraction here in East Brunswick New Jersey. It is one of the nicest hotels in Brunswick and many  upper eshelonce people stay here.  We have rooms for all different types of Socio economic background. We have rooms for as little as $100 a night, all the way up to $10,000 a night. For rich people, we offer the presidential suite which is the nicest hotel room in the whole entire building. That one is quite expensive coming in at a whopping $9000  A night. That room is well worth it though because you will never have an experience like it. Every room we have is quite amazing though. Even the cheapest room that we have is still very nice. Here at the Ramada Inn we only focus on quality  with everything that we do. And that is definitely why we recommend you to come check out the hotel. We have a buffet dinner every single night that brings in imported foods from around the world and is cooked by a gourmet chef. There are activities such as swimming areas, there’s room service, and there’s a full range workout facility right in the hotel.